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Hello & Welcome to my Online Masterclass coaching platform!

I have seen many times how the relationship between horse and human can develop into a spiritual connection between two beings. The connection is based on trust, communication and self-carriage of both horse and rider, and this is the essence of what I teach. My passion is to help you gain tremendous personal satisfaction as you meet, then exceed your goals.

These immersive clinics provide a valuable and rich learning experience all levels of rider and my Webinars are packed with practical content, theory and homework. Using my on-line resources – 3D anatomical software, extensive photo library and video clips,  I am able to illustrate my points during each session and this capacity has made the on-line Masterclass a centre for accelerated learning.

If this is your first visit, please allow me to welcome you. I am really looking forward to supporting you in your training and I am certain that you will find the experience very valuable. My community is very active - we support, encourage and engage with each other at every opportunity. I welcome you on their behalf.

If you are a returning Online Masterclass Student – Welcome Back! It’s wonderful to have you back and I look forward to continuing to guide you on the journey towards Mastery.  

I am very pleased that you are all here - the positive comments and feedback I have received so far has been very rewarding - I am excited to see what this year will bring for all of us!

Please make yourself comfortable and have a look around. I look forward to seeing Everyone online very soon! 



Science behind the movement of the horse

As a Theory Student you will observe the real time one-on-one coaching sessions between Belinda and the Masterclass Riding Students. You will also be able to submit real time questions on aspects of the riding and coaching that you are watching via the Webinar Forum. Using pre-recorded videos uploaded by the Riding Students Belinda can go back and forward over the essential moments in great detail. This technique delivers an in-depth view of the science behind the movement of the horse. Webinars may also include live lessons which are a wonderful opportunity to observe the quality of instruction and experience the breakthroughs that result from understanding functional biomechanics.


Theory and Discussion 


Theory and discussion were made for Online Masterclasses! These sessions will be full of content with 3D anatomy, discussions about functional movement and biomechanics, explanations of the methods of the Great Masters and how to correctly implement these theories in your work.

Training and support through connection 

Complete access to the Webinar Forum allows you to discuss what you see with your fellow students in real time. Fostering a positive learning environment, the live Webinar Forum gives you the opportunity to further develop your understanding of what is being taught. Each lesson concludes with Q&A and the opportunity for you to join in discussions and ask questions.

Online Community & Library

Online Masterclasses will continue to foster the same supportive environment that we all love so much! Following your Online Masterclass you will have access to a recording of each Webinar which includes the riding, coaching and theory. All your subsequent Webinar content will be added to your library as it becomes available thus creating a hugely valuable resource for reference and future study for you. Familiar faces, horses, discussions and connection - the Academy Community in action!


Theory Student

Fully immerse yourself in three weeks of classical dressage, biomechanics and the academic teachings of Belinda Bolsenbroek.


Your package includes:

  • Three weeks of Masterclass tuition
  • Learn while listening to fellow students coaching sessions
  • Contribute to the live Webinar Forum
  • One additional Q&A session per week
  • Live Webinar Forum with Belinda and your fellow students
  • In depth theory and discussion sessions with annotated images and video
  • Access to online Masterclass webinar replay and future clinic library
  • New online community
  • This 3 week Masterclass will be offered at an Introductory price of AU$250
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Online Masterclass Spectator

On Monday and Tuesday evenings 18-19 / 25-26 Jan & 1, 2 Feb from 19:30 to 22:30